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Boost Creativity and
Experience in Your Team

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Send your high performers on a Corporate Jobbatical.

Jobbatical matches executive employees with startups for short-term working sabbaticals. Executives learn new skills, get exposure to new environments, and make a significant impact on the startup's growth.

As an HR professional you understand

experience equals education in the corporate world. Your team needs to continue growing and enhancing their skills to keep up with an ever-shifting industry.

Instead of paying for an MBA or investing in a long-term training program, send your key team members on a Corporate Jobbatical to work in a startup or an organisation abroad.


Jobbatical empowers participants

to take a short-term leadership positions (sometimes across the world), so your team members can learn to be more flexible, agile, and adaptive.

When you send someone from your team on a Corporate Jobbatical, s/he will learn lessons to apply at your business, all while gaining a real-world education.


Just a few reasons
to take a Corporate Jobbatical


Change of pace


New environment

Fresh perspective

How do I apply?

Send us an email at [email protected] and we will begin the matching process.

How does the visa process work?

Jobbatical will help to coordinate the immigration process, which will be part of the Corporate Jobbatical package tailored for your company.

What does it cost?

Price is dependent on location and candidate profile. Jobbatical will put together a tailor made proposal for your organisation that will include the discovery of the partner organisation, administrator's fee, immigration process coordination, and relocation costs.

How will the participant get paid?

Your company will be responsible for the salary of your employee while s/he is taking a Corporate Jobbatical.

Some of the companies that work with us